Lead Generation Resources

Lead Generation Resources

Resources to Help Businesses Generate More Leads & Sales While Navigating the Inbound Lead Generating Landscape

email marketing strategies
Email Marketing

4 Components All Effective Emails Have in Common (With Examples)

A staple in any customer retention program is the ability to write emails that strengthen relationships, get responses, and persuade action. Not enough attention is often paid to this critical component of building a business. When attention is given to it, we often see it lacking the components needed to


8 PPC Mistakes Your Current Agency is Probably Making (and How to Fix Them)

Pay-per-click advertising can increase traffic to your site and also increase the knowledge you have of your market. It can very quickly put money in your pocket or very quickly take it out. Understand that creating a basic PPC account with one of the engines, adding a method of payment,

Inbound Marketing

Best Time to Send an Email

While managing lead nurturing campaigns for our clients, we often get asked what are the best days and times to send emails? The truth is, the best time is going to vary depending on your target audience, message, and individual business needs. While one business may find success with emails


5 Easy Ways to Increase ROI of PPC Campaigns

Even with all the AI automation options available today, running a profitable paid search campaign is still an art. It takes a balanced mixture of human logic, touch, and reasoning along with careful automation. Too much automation and many find themselves in a less than desirable position. Increasing your return

Lead Generation

10 Ways to Build Customer Confidence Online

Many factors come into play when a customer makes a buying decision on the Internet, yet none may be more important than trust. Ultimately customers choose to purchase from a given online retailer based on their ability to trust the transaction taking place. Therefore, it should be no surprise that


Long-Tailed Keyword Benefits

Depending on your strategy (branding/exposure vs. sales for example) the way you structure the keywords in your paid search campaigns can determine whether a visitor to your site is ready to take action or just window shopping. The buying cycle of any potential customer goes through stages. They start in

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