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5 Easy Ways to Increase ROI of PPC Campaigns

Even with all the AI automation options available today, running a profitable paid search campaign is an art. It takes a balanced mixture of human logic, touch, and reasoning along with careful automation. Too much automation and many find themselves in a less than desirable position. Increasing your return on


Long Tailed Keyword Benefits

Depending on your strategy (branding / exposure vs. sales for example) the way you structure the keywords in your paid search campaigns can determine whether a visitor to your site is ready to buy or just window shopping. The buying cycle of any potential customer goes through stages. They start


How to Get Higher Conversion From Paid Search

There are many ways to increase conversion of your paid search campaigns. On a general level, it starts with the keywords, moves to the ad title and copy, and on to the landing page (the page at which your traffic arrives.) I won’t go into all those details here (that’s



Are you engaged in any active Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? What about Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising? The fact is you should be working on both. Both channels should work in conjunction with the other, sharing information between each to further enhance the overall sales return. That is what it

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