Service Related Testimonials


Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“Eric helped us with our ecommerce conversions multiple times and always comes through. He really is an expert, I am an expert and I turn to him, so he must be good. No matter what he charges you, it will be worth every penny and Eric, will always over deliver!”
- Eric Stein

Personable, Expert, Good Value
“I hired Eric to help improve the usability and the conversion rate at two of our websites. He brought a strong background in e-commerce and it showed in his recommendations and suggestions. During our phone conversations, he always took the time necessary to cover the material and all my questions. We often when past our allotted time. When hiring a person to perform a service, it can be difficult to know what you’re getting ahead of time. Looking back now, the decision to hire Eric was a good one.”
- James King

Smart, Creative, Non-Nonsense
“Eric’s a smart guy with the rare combination of technical know-how and business savvy. Hire him! He’ll turn your cart into a money machine.”
- Scott Wilson (That Software Guy)

Expert, High Integrity, Creative
“Eric’s understanding of the ever changing internet is incredible. He knows how to drive traffic to your site, but more importantly… turn them into customers. Eric treats you like he’s a partner in your business and strives for success.”
- David Scott Peters


Product Related Testimonials


“Just wanted to congratulate you on this ebook and say how well put together and informative it is. I’d highly recommend following this ebook to the “t” and combining this with your own testing will put anyone a long way ahead of most of the competition. I know already this will make a huge difference.”
- Cheers, Tony!

“The guide is really great! I’ve definitely learned a few things that I should change on my site.”
- Jeff

“I downloaded the document this morning and am about half way through it.

There is a wealth of information included and it is extremely well written! Not only do you have recommendations but you also explain why in a “no nonsense” way.

I purchased and downloaded the Google Analytics Workbook also and will start on that after we have implemented all the changes from 20 ways.

Thank you so much for your excellent work.”

Harold Light
AAA Display Group

“I’m just 1/3 in the ’20 ways’ of your ebook and I’ve already implemented a few things … can’t wait to get to the end, it’s very well done thanks.”
- Tatiana

“Hello! I just read through your “20 ways” and was very impressed. In fact I implemented a number of your suggestions immediately. Thanks for continued good work!
- Tim

“Hi mate. I have read your Google Analytics and 20 Surefire Ways books and they are excellent, thank you very much.”

“I read and took notes on your 20 Surefire Ways… it is great… over night we increase our conversions about 20 fold just from making a few small changes, now I am going through and making more.”